Frayed Knot Electronics,

   is run by me Francois. I spent the past 9 years repairing/calibrating anything from car stereos to industrial/precision test equipment, eventually becoming production manager at a large repair/resale company, while at the same time repairing hundreds of amplifiers/effects/synths at my own workshop for the Providence RI, and surrounding areas music scene. I have been designing/building/modifying audio related circuits for as long as I can remember, but about 4 years ago I started pushing towards designing modular synthesizers and effects for my personal music/friends. With the interest of people that had seen/heard my gear growing, coupled with my fascination with audio electronics, and the support of a lot of great people, I left both my job and previous business behind, and started running Frayed Knot Electronics full time.

   The pedals/synths made by Frayed Knot express my desire to create sounds and controls that inspire musicians, while gently disregarding the idea of what a pedal is expected to do, without lacking control, range, or practicality. I spend a lot of time in front of my modular system(9v based, and extensive) trying new concepts in routing/control, or reading through anything audio electronics related(or even close), and trying to re-invent/merge my findings into new devices. Whether analog or dsp based, it will have some peculiarity/quirk that allows you to play with/hear something different than you expected. I want to give you new sounds, and hear what you can do with them!

All pedals are designed, and hand-wired from scratch, tested extensively by myself, and are covered by a lifetime conditional guarantee.

I genuinely like hearing from you/getting input, so don't be shy, shoot me a line.