Q: Does Frayed Knot Electronics do custom work/modifications?

A: I will do modifications and custom builds occasionally.(Ex: custom colors, soft touch relay switching, expression inputs, extra ins/outs). Send me a message on my contact page with your ideas, and I'll get back to you.


Q; Do your pedals work on bass/synth/etc..



Q:What kind of power supply do I need?

A: All Frayed Knot Electronics pedals run 9v with varying current draw listed in each pedals description. All pedals have very quiet power, and can be run on daisychains, though I suggest isolated outputs.                                 (the one exception is mel's hole requiring dc isolation)



Q:Why no labels?

A:On some of my pedals I choose to use only coordinated colors for the control layout for a few reasons, mainly aesthetics. Each pedal comes with a manual, pointing out and describing each function.(contact me for a pdf.) Once you understand the colors relationship to the functions its easy to remember.


Issues with noise?

If you get popping/clicking when switching the effect on/off this can be caused by a dc buildup. If you run into this problem, it should dissipate after switching the effect on/off a few times & or after the pedal has been powered up for a few minutes

Additionally running a buffer/buffered pedal towards the begging of your pedal chain will reduce/eliminate issues with noise.

If you experience any other unwanted noise make sure you are supplying ample/clean power, and check your cables continuity/impedances.


Repairs: I offer a lifetime warranty on all my pedals, if you have any issues send a message on my contact page with "Repair" in the subject line, and I'll get right back to you.